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Humanitarian crisis looms as Taiwan becomes contested

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

As the USA pulls out of Asia, many of their allies feel that they're being left to the predations of the only other major power in the region, China. With Taiwan's political crisis worsening, a flashpoint looms. Will Taiwan retain their independence, or will they have to bow to Beijing?

June 27th 2050

Taiwan is increasingly isolated as the US military commitment to Allies in Asia becomes less significant . Feeling political pressure from Beijing and in a political deadlock , no party or coalition of parties has been able to form a stable government. As a result the Taiwanese people have been in and out of polling booths for the past 3 years straight.

The Australian government and Indonesian government have been in VR meetings all week to discuss possible outcomes of the declining situation in Taiwan, as concern grows about a potential humanitarian crisis. Strategic development experts have stressed the need for political stability in order to maintain desired outcomes throughout the Asia Pacific region.

There have been several signs of unrest in the region as USA completes it’s strategic draw down of military commitments. Taiwan, a former recipient of US military Aid, is now seeking Allies in the region, calling on Indonesia, and Australia to counteract rising Chinese power destabilising the country. The Australian PM has issued a statement saying they have still made no decision regarding their diplomatic position with Taiwan, and need time to negotiate with China before supplying any material aid.

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