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What is this all about?

Hello, you must be curious...

Today, as you are reading this, it's the year 2020. Covid-19 has just happened, amongst other things. We are all wondering what the future will hold. We all want to know how to improve our organisations to be resilient and adaptive to the changes that are beyond our control.


Well, you've just taken a peek into the future through this news website portal into the year 2050...


What strategies do you need to implement today to prepare for that future? What would you like to change in your sector to perhaps build a future you would PREFER? 

There are driving forces which will forge ahead with or without us...environmental, technological and political. So what might your job/organisation/sector look like inside this world of 2050? And how are you going to get there? 

Join us in building the future of volunteering. We want your perspective.

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