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What is this all about?

Hello, you must be curious...

When we built this, it was March 2020. Covid-19 had just emerged, and Australia was still reeling from the 2019 bushfires. Everyone was wondering what the future would hold. We all want to know how to improve our organisations to be resilient and adaptive to the changes that are beyond our control.


Take an imaginative excursion to 2050 through this news website time travel portal.  The stories are plausible extrapolations of trends gathered in 2019/2020 from experts in international aid, development, technology, innovation and geopolitics. 


What if it was like this? What strategies do you need to implement today to prepare for that future? What would you like to change in your sector to perhaps build a future you would PREFER? 

There are driving forces which will forge ahead with or without us...environmental, technological and political. So what might your job/organisation/sector look like inside this world of 2050? And how are you going to get there? Consider this a dress rehearsal...

Using this provocative tool and a suite of strategic creative activities, we reached out to a global network of people connected with foreign affairs, development, aid and volunteering. We crowd sourced perspectives, strategies, designs, ideas and speculations about the future of volunteering. The collaborative phase is now over, but this fictional artefact remains. 

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