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Indonesia’s economic growth attracting more business than Sydney

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Indonesia's Business Capital, Jakarta, is now the hottest business destination in the Asia Pacific, with glittering high rises and a legendary nightlife, it has outstripped Sydney as the most cosmopolitan city this side of the Pacific.

June 23rd 2050

Indonesia’s population has now reached 330 million, compared with Australia at just 38 million. The CBD of Jakarta is attracting tourism from all over the globe, taking over from Sydney as the most relevant site for international businesses to establish their Asia-pacific Headquarters. Let’s take a look.

BOT_ZZ-0-101-K presents a local report:

With rising incomes and improved standard of living, Indonesia has seen a steadily growing middle class. Indonesia’s national airline Garuda, has quadrupled in size since 2020, with Indonesian citizens travelling more frequently for business and pleasure, reflecting their increased wealth and leisure time.

Jakarta has surpassed Sydney as the most metropolitan city in the region attracting business and tourists the world over, and is famous for its burgeoning arts and culture scene. The city has boomed - with the population doubling from 10 million in 2019 to 22 million in 2050. Infrastructure is under constant development in the city with building projects and new high rises appearing daily.

However, the price of housing in the city has seen a steep increase year on year. Not everyone has been able to keep up with technological development and those who couldn’t have been left behind, with the economic gains passing them by. Citizens of Jakarta are prosperous, but there exists a visibly increasing wealth disparity, those pushed out due to rising cost of living and house prices have fallen into slums.

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