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Vietnam going from strength to strength in their tech revolution

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

The Vietnamese economy is among the most dynamic in the world, producing everything from industrial grade steel to microprocessors and operating systems they're set to become global leaders in the high tech economy.

June 24th 2050

In the tail end of its industrial revolution, Vietnam has further strengthened investment in its technology sector. A regional leader and innovator in internet services, software development and cutting edge computing systems, Vietnam’s strategy to couple their electronics manufacturing background with their increasing software and intelligence sector has been lucrative. Shooting ahead of Australia in steel manufacture in the late 2020’s, Vietnam’s economy has been on a steep growth trajectory. Their expertise in software for handling Big Data particularly in health, science, education and algorithmic software is balanced by a diverse economy in food production, tourism and other manufacture.

Vietnam has announced an aid package for the Solomon islands, providing education in technology and software for children.

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