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Industry demand for specialised skill sets.

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

With 50% of Australia's energy needs being met by solar farms in the Simpson Desert, the need for specialist skill sets to maintain these facilities is far outstripping supply.

June 19th 2050

Massive solar energy generation facilities dotting the Simpson desert make up 50% of Australia’s energy requirements. Due to an increase of sandstorm severity during the last 5 years, technicians have reported the most costly season for solar cell replacement due to micro abrasions caused by tiny sand particles. Australian solar energy giant, BHP, has petitioned the Australian government for access to their subsidised urgent-response workforce, the Mobile Technical Workforce Scheme.

The scheme allows organisations to access young, skilled technical staff at rates subsidised by the federal government. The workforce specialises in responding to issues of national significance and can operate in harsh conditions. The Mobile Technical Workforce recruits on a compulsory basis from the pool of un- and underemployed youth in Australia, targeting graduated students struggling to transition into the workforce.

Originally trained by the SES, and pulling staff from the Australian Volunteers Program in the early 2030’s the workforce has become the biggest and most skill-diverse emergency - response organisation in the country. In addition, the federal government has also announced domestic deployment of the Australia Assists program which formerly only operated offshore.

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