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Asia pacific region has reached goal of 70% renewable energy reliance

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

The Asia Pacific region has reached stated goals of 70% renewable energy reliance on schedule and in accordance with UN guidelines, with Singapore reaching 100% renewable reliance and selling off excess energy from their grid to neighbouring countries.

June 18th 2050

Based on the latest report from the UN Global Energy Commission, Asia Pacific has successfully transitioned to only 30% fossil fuel reliance. The president of the UN Global Energy Commission has praised the role of The Asia Pacific Energy Trade Scheme, established in 2039 by APEC, in enabling the region to meet this goal. The scheme has streamlined trade of battery locked renewable energy across our region, which has enabled countries to remain resilient when destruction from environmental factors impact their domestic power farms.

Singapore, the regional leader in this trend, has reached 100% renewable reliance. Singapore is now exporting energy from their grid as a result of their tidal energy program which now generates 80% of their country’s energy needs, supplementing the rest from windfarms and solar farms. Their main energy customers are Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.

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