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Fish stock shortages leading to potential humanitarian crisis in Myanmar

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

With rampant overfishing depleting global fish stocks, Myanmar and Thailand have experienced renewed tensions over access to the Bay of Bengal, home to the world's richest remaining wild fish stocks.

June 17th 2050

Oceans around the globe have been depleted of their fish stocks by regular overfishing and rising sea temperatures. Many nations have turned to farming fisheries to make up for this shortfall. However, naturally grown wild fish still remain the most sought after and fetch an ever increasing price on the food market. The Bay Of Bengal has become disputed territory as it is still very rich in a diverse array of naturally occuring fish stocks. Over the past 10 years, the asia pacific region has seen numerous navies engage in operations to curtail illegal fishing, and nations deploying military to protect national food resources. Local tensions are escalating, let’s take a look.

BOT_ZZ-0-101-K presents a local report:

There is a call for humanitarian intervention in Bay of Bengal

There is renewed tension between Myanmar and Thailand as both countries assert their claims over the Andarman island fisheries on the border. As Myanmar faces its own food and water crisis it is desperately looking to secure food resources on its borders. Live fire has been exchanged between border patrol forces . Naval vessels have been in a stand off around the Andaman Islands since July 2049.

These tensions have been compounded by ethnic separatists raiding military forces of both nations and claiming sovereignty over the Bay of Bengal.

The UN is calling for a humanitarian response from Australia and Indonesia.

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