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Valuable meat lost at sea

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

A freak storm has capsized a shipment of Australian livestock to Indonesia, sparking outrage among animal rights activists, and demands from the Indonesian government that Australia replace the lost goods.

June 29th 2050

A ship transporting Australian livestock to Indonesia has been sunk after being hit by a freak storm with winds of up to 200kph and waves up to 20 metres high being seen as video footage from the ship was posted to social media. This has caused quite some unrest in both countries as Indonesia is demanding that the stock be replaced by an equivalent shipment, and the Australian insurance industry struggling to cover the loss of such a significant investment. No shiphands were lost, though animal rights groups have lodged enquiries over whether or not sufficient efforts were made to rescue the live animals.

This story has come in the shadow of Indonesia’s fast growing economy and rising middle class. With increased purchasing power Indonesia’s population has developed a growing taste for meat, poultry, dairy, and eggs mostly being supplied by Australian livestock and farms. Conversely strain on local supply and skyrocketing prices have led to outrage as access to local goods become unaffordable due to growing international demand. The average Australian hasn’t been able to afford meat since the late 2030’s

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