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China’s food shortages causing pressure on region

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Chinese demand for food has always been high, but with poor soil quality due to the presence of toxic heavy metals their agricultural yields are unable to match domestic demand. The search for viable GMO crops and solutions to soil pollution continue.

June 20th 2050

As China continues to scramble for genetically modified crop and livestock varieties which can withstand the toxicity of the soil and water in their previously arable regions, their demand for fresh produce is putting greater pressure on surrounding nations such as Australia, Indonesia and Philippines. Despite Australia working closely with China to assist in the scientific research required, a solution to toxicity has not yet been found. As a result of the rapid increase in industrialisation during the first half of this century, soil, air and water toxicity have affected many regions of the world, creating higher demand for access to food, and a higher urgency to develop genetically modified crops so countries can keep food production local. The Asia pacific region is struggling to meet food demands.

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