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The race to feed the world: Australian GMO science shines

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

As global demands for food grow by the year, the need for nutrient dense and resilient crops is becoming highly pressing. Where giants like Monsanto are lagging behind, Australian innovators are set to take the GMO research field by storm.

June 21st 2050

The world food bank has this year revised down its projection for global food stores by 2.5% following increasingly poor yields worldwide. There is growing demand for genetically modified foods resistant to extreme weather events.

However, giants of Genetically Modified crops such as Monsanto in the Northern Hemisphere are seeing greater competition as new players enter the market. Australia’s own domestic GMO project led by the CSIRO, has taken market share in the Asia Pacific region, it’s main competitor being a Chinese Bio-engineering firm specialising in toxin-resistant crops and livestock. Although there is still great opposition to GMO foods from some Agricultural and Ethics groups, necessity has pressured the government to deregulate the agricultural sector and encourage any innovation possible if we are to see food stocks replenished.

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